RYSA RACING opens as the first full time karting business in South Florida.


RYSA Racing wins first Regional karting championship

1999 - 2005
Won every major regional karting title that the Team competed in, also a National Title and a many top 5 positions at National events around the USA.

After 10 years in business, RYSA Racing became the Exclusive North American importer for Italian made Easykart brand karts from Birel Spa..

RYSA Racing acquires Miami GP Raceway, the oldest kart track in South Florida.

RYSA MOTORSPORTS is started as a medium to continue our driver development program into racecars.

Rysa Racing has been in the karting business for almost 20 years.  The main goals of the company are to promote karting and driver development.  Rysa Racing is one of the largest kartshops in the State of Florida.  Rysa Racing occupies a 3500-sq-ft facility at Miami.  We are dealers in all major karting products.  We sell, race and tune Birel Karts, CRG karts, Tonykarts, Praga karts. Rysa Racing is the largest stocked karting shop in South Florida with all major kart products as Freeline, Rotax, IAME, ROK motors, Bridgestone, MGTires,  Alfano,Mychron, Streeter Superstands,  RLV,  Sparco, Ribtect, Alpine Stars, Arai, Bell, Freem, Yamaha, Honda, TM Engines, Comer, NGK, Denso, Blenzall, Burris, Motul, Redline, DID, RCE, RLV, Longacre, Brembo. 

​Rysa Racing has a strong established base of customers who rely on our commitment to their racing efforts to reach their goals.  Customer satisfaction is our motto.  This is highlighted by the fact that we have many customers who have won championships with our expert tuning and guidance.  Rysa Racing's main focus are our customer support programs, both on and off the race track.  Our trackside support program is unparalleled in the Florida region. It is the largest customer support program in the Southeastern United States.

Within our network of companies, you can show up and drive one of our 9hp Honda rental gokarts, progress into a Pro-racing 28hp-50hp kart and then into a racecar!!!!

RYSA Racing is an affiliate of RYSA Motorsports and MIAMI GP RACEWAY.


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